denturesDentures are used as a replacement for missing natural teeth. Complete dentures are used in cases where all teeth are missing. Removable partial dentures are used when some – but not all- teeth are missing and use the remaining teeth as an anchorage.

Dentures –complete and partial- help to restore esthetic problems and speech problems caused by missing teeth and also to improve chewing efficiency. Therefore, dentures help to improve one’s facial appearance and self-confidence.

There are several different types of removable partial dentures, each one designed to fit one’s special needs. They consist of a metal framework, resin teeth (to replace missing teeth) and of pink plastic (to replace the gums).

Comfort and stability of the removable partial denture mainly depend on the number and location of missing teeth and can sometimes be significantly improved by the use of one or more dental implants. Still, dental implants are considered the best solution for replacing missing teeth.