Testimonials and reviews for Master Dental Care Dental Clinic

Dr. Papazoglou and his team are the best!!! I trust my teeth to them blindfolded and I wish them the best!!
Yours sincerely

Nick P.

The way he works is methodical, careful and he creates a sense of security. He is the Professor Papazoglou. He made me overcome the dental phobia I initially had, and I started coming to my appointments with comfort. Mary his assistant is a polite and good girl.

Chryso X

Dr Papazoglou is a scientist with excellent knowledge of his subject. He is methodical and inspires you confidence and safety. The result of the services he has offered me are perfect and I thank him for that. I highly recommend him for both his scientific training and for the quality of his character. He is polite, calm and perfectionist. I thank him very much.

Depy K.

I would like to express myself positively in all areas of the cooperation between Stratis Papazoglou and the patient (me and not only I think)… Of course, besides my family, I often mention him as a model of combined professionalism and human propitiousness, which, if not expressed by your doctor, it is impossible to overcome every one of your problems. His ability is also demonstrated by the selection of his partners. I would like to make special reference to the remarkable and capable Sofia Diamantopoulou.
Thank you all

Chrisoula K.

A person who inspiring confidence! Calm, careful, explanatory and polite! So far, our cooperation as well as with his assistant is impeccable!!! I wish the best…

Maria G.

Although our acquaintance, and our relationship is complex, because I know him as his teacher at the university, colleague, partner in the academic field as well as … his patient, the only thing I can say that characterizes him perfectly is : FLAWLESS AND PERFECTIONIST !!!! I wish him to offer to his students and patients for many years his lights and the high level of dental care.
With infinite love and appreciation.

George V.

Dr. Papazoglou is an adorable person with distinguished kindness, sociability and tranquility. Additionally, he is a great scientist near whom patients feel confidence, comfort and safety to exceed all their fears. I personally feel very lucky that I met this man and I work with him. I wish him wholeheartedly to have many more professional successes.
Yours sincerely

Mary Fountoulaki

What I have to say about Dr. Papazoglou, as his student, is that he is a teacher who with his work, diligence, his love of dentistry and continuous reflections makes us all wanting to become better. As Ward’s saying goes:
The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates
The great teacher inspires
Best regards,

Dimitra K.

My Professor, I have no words to thank you for your work and your kindness, for the sweetness that characterizes you and Mary. She is very lucky to work with you. I admire you and I say it all over the world. Very fast to get even higher.

Nike P.

Dear Dr. Papazoglou
I am happy and grateful that I met you and I have you as my doctor. I have much confidence in your abilities and faithfully follow your instructions because I suffered enough from my teeth .
Thank you very much for everything you do for me.

Helen K.