Dental Cleaning

Dental CleaningWe have a strong focus on prevention and improving the health of your gums and teeth. Once your mouth is healthy, we are able to incorporate a great array of esthetic treatments. Scheduling and attending regular cleanings is important for your dental health for two reasons: because your dentist or dental hygienist has been professionally trained to clean and take care of your teeth in a way that you cannot do on your own, and also because these exams give your dentist a chance to examine and evaluate your dental health in a proactive way that will help prevent any serious problems. During the regular cleanings, you can expect your dentist performs the following tasks:

  • Removing calculus with ultrasonic headpiece
  • Scaling with hand instruments
  • Polishing and removing stains
  • Education & Evaluation

Throughout this procedure, the plaque and calculus from the usually unreachable spots of your teeth will be removed, pockets that your regular, at home, hygienic instruments cannot clean, will be cleaned. During this time, the dentist looks for abnormalities and evaluates the condition of older restorations. Attending regular cleanings is important because it will help you avoid unnecessary dental problems.