Smile Makeover

smile makeoverA bright, esthetically pleasing smile creates a winning first impression. Even before speaking to someone, your smile can communicate a confident, optimistic and friendly personality. An attractive smile can seduce people to you, making them respond positively.

An esthetically pleasing smile can also have major psychological and emotional influence on your personality. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy about your smile, it could seriously affect how others see you. You may feel ugly, insufficient and insecure.

Today, advances in esthetic dentistry allow everyone to benefit from a smile makeover, by altering their smile characteristics to produce dramatic results with positive influences on their lives. A smile makeover is the improvement of the smile appearance with the use of dental treatments such as: tooth bleaching, veneers, crowns, implants, periodontal plastic surgery. A smile makeover may be performed for several reasons and is always customized according to your own unique needs and considerations.

A pleasing, attractive smile can be attributed to the harmony of several components: teeth (color, shape, length, width, occlusal plane, incisal edges, midline and alignment), gums and lips. A series of dental photographs is usually taken, esthetic analysis is realized, a mockup delivered to you so you can see and try the proposed changes, before final treatment is executed.